I believe in fairness and equality, therefore on the issue of abortion I am Pro-Choice. And here are a few reasons why:

If you eliminate a woman’s choice to abort an embryo then a law needs to be enacted eliminating a man’s choice to have unprotected intercourse with any woman other than his lawfully wedded wife which might result in the conception of an embryo.

If you say that life begins at the point of conception than financial responsibility and support also begins at the point of conception which would allow a woman to file for welfare benefits at the point of conception and live on it for at least eight months without knowing if the pregnancy will result in a live birth.And an unmarried woman would also be able to file for child support against the man she deems is the biological father without benefit of having a DNA test performed to determine paternity.

If you are going to insist that every pregnancy result in a live birth than you need to propose a system to support all the children will be given up for adoption; a system to support all children abused by parents who neglect them and do not want them; and a system to prevent parents from evading their financial responsibility for having created the child.

Life is about a series of choices. I understand how radical the above views sound and it is not what I would propose but it is what needs to be said when general ideas ofremoving women’s rights are not fully developed to include additional outcomes that could arise. I will not tolerate a system that would bind a woman’s choice without restricting a man’s choice as well. When the pill came out there were protests,
discussions and controversy. But when Viagra hit the shelves there was no controversy.Both men and women are a part of this society and both have responsibilities to
preventing unwanted life and caring for life that enters the society.It’s my belief that the moral fiber in our society as it relates to procreation was

weakened when divorce laws no longer penalized persons who committed adultery.We have no current system, aside from organized religion, that reinforces how to date and relate to each another. Our closest resources are movies, televisions and music videos all full of immorality. And as it became easier to divorce and give up on relationships we lost the respect and discipline of commitment.With so many organizations promoting the adoption of Asian babies and African children who’s going to care for unwanted American children if pro-choice no longer exists? Without a system of pro-choice we will not be able to financially and
emotionally support the unadopted children in America. We will not be able to financially and emotionally take care of American children abused by parents who did not want them in the first place. And we will not be able to get parents to own up to their responsibilities for having created a new life.