California needs a new start … Start with Stewart


WARNING:  Gov. Brown is trying to squeeze more money out of Californians with this propaganda.–finance.html

If we vote for his suggested proposition the new tax money is not going to go to the schools. It will go into the General Fund for the legislatures to disburse to the programs they want to promote not to the purpose suggested on the proposition. Or if these tax dollars do go to the schools than the funds the schools currently receive from the General Fund will be reduced by an equal amount.  This article is telling you that Gov. Brown intends to take money and misappropriate it regardless of the programs Californians want to save.  Gov. Brown and the other legislatures in Sacramento are willing to destroy our children’s educational future.  Make deeper cuts into the Education Budget, Jerry Brown, and I will vote for your recall as governor of our state!


HB Diane


We are no longer functioning as a society. In a society, human beings work collectively together for the betterment of the community as a whole. And as a community, we bestow on our elected government officials the care of our most cherished freedoms, “liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness”. But today we see that our freedoms and our right to have them were not being attended to by most of these elected government officials. Instead, what was handed back to the American people are a 44% increase in gas prices, a 40% increase in the deficit, and a 20% decrease in the pursuit of happiness and quality of our lives. These elected government officials chose the betterment of the lobbyists, the corporations, the banks and themselves over the care of our freedoms. Their current debates and ideologies about the abortion issue and affirmative action threatens to erase the minimal amount of equality that we gained from Roe v. Wade and the Civil Rights Movement. And if the trend of the proposed government is allowed to continue, its underlying agenda will surely lead to the removal of liberties for women and minorities.

Being both a woman and a minority I could not stand by and have my rights taken from me. I choose to run for the U.S. Senate to lift every voice of injustice that has been slowly muzzled over the past 24+ years and make them be heard. I am part Cape Verdean and our voices naturally carry at a volume of LOUD so I am confident that I will be heard. During every bid for reelection the seasoned politician spouts that they are working towards improving our educational system yet for the past 24+ years California’s educational system has been scorned due to its poor test scores and insufficient funding. I choose to run for the U.S. Senate so that I can call for accountability within our educational system and end the need for parents and teachers to have to provide the funding of school supplies out of their own pocket books.

One of the six functions of government is to develop business strength – Incubate small business, special research and development, such as space research, job training, unemployment insurance and more. If big corporations are going to be so inclined as to cut Californian jobs while increasing their rates for goods, services and fees then

I choose to run for the U.S. Senate so that I can get legislation passed that will have big corporations paying their fair share in taxes.Currently only 12% of the CaliforniaGeneral Fund comes from corporations. That is just too little when their profits are increasing but California’s and Californians profits are not increasing. If corporationsaren’t going to take care of us then I am going to take care of the small businesses who have a more vested interest in the state of California and its people.

– Diane Stewart
Candidate for California U.S. Senator