Outdoor Video Screens

After business version of on the internet video clip download emerge, taping industry can not make money by marketing CD. They make money by holding show of singers. It likewise drives rental outdoor video screens industry development. Therefore, it deserves to discuss what type of possibility could offer led rental sector.

Outdoor Video Screens

The chairman of JUJI modern technology Yangchangli on the opening speech mentioned: it is first step to understand business opportunity. He additionally pointed out that the large dimension of interior outdoor video screens would become traditional product. Tiny pixel pitch outdoor video screens display has completive benefits to DLP. Yet there are still have some issues require the whole industry common breakthrough to speed interior outdoor video screens display lead-in market.

R&D supervisor of LMG share the dynamic of American rental market. George mentioned first is that LMG was set up in 1984 on Orlando as Av system combination vendor. They lead-in outdoor video screens in 2008 as well as enhance usage every year. Business teams can be split into the exhibit and excursion and the total system combination and so forth, for the selection of outdoor video screens will be various. The common of them is hope that led products could be utilized over ten years. As well as Special-shaped display is widely made use of in LMG business teams.

There are numerous successful cases of LMG, that include Madonna in 2010 very bowl efficiency in midfield, One Direction of the circuit and also system integration within the Walt Disney Firm … Etc

. As a result of the long time usage, dependability is a continuous demand, particularly for the rental market, enclosure structure layout suggestions are valued.

We still should boost individual encounter of outdoor video screens. outdoor video screens intelligentize is the direction in the future. In one word, indoor rental outdoor video screens will come to be preferred and make a large financial efficiency.

Outdoor Video Screens

On August 2nd 2014, the Chinese Valentine’s Day. There is enchanting tale happened with outdoor video screens on Shenzhen futian main royal court square shopping center. 75 meters long outdoor video screens display showed: Yangzi married me !!! There are a bunch of individuals compile before display screen. A boy one knee kneel ground and hold a rose and make a proposition to a young lady. Finally, the gorgeous girl allowed the proposition with individuals’s witness. The scene is extremely relocating.

And also there is another love story occurred with outdoor video screens display. One night, on the outdoor video screens screen revealed the names of a young couple at the doorway of shopping mall. And after that when the tune I like you played, the pictures of the couple was showed one by one on the screen. That day was the 99th day they loved each rest. The boy surrounded by 99 blue roses and also 999 red roses and also proposal to heroines.

There are numerous romance accompanied outdoor video screens. They use large outdoor video screens screen to play the video clip which tape-record the tale of them. It is extremely enchanting to use this approach to proposition.

Baseding on the statistic, there are dozens of info to speaking with rental fee cinema to proposal or Live broadcast of the wedding celebration. As a new generation of advertising equipment, outdoor video screens drive the needs of brand-new advertising.If you are looking for more information on outdoor video screens, please visit: http://www.optokingdom.com.